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Call us old fashioned, but we subscribe to the philosophy of believing in someone until they give us a reason not to. For that reason, we, at GuidetoMilitaryTravel.com, take great pride in offering our readers/visitors an honest opinion about our travel experiences. We will never recommend anything to them that we wouldn’t recommend to our family. After all, that’s what they are – our extended military family. We provide this information as a service to the Armed Forces and their families. Our recommendations on where to stay, what to do, where to eat and what to buy is our honest opinion and based on personal experience. Our columns, featured stories and reviews will never include a recommendation we haven’t personally tried nor is it influenced by any form of compensation. We value the trust they have placed in us to help them find and plan the perfect vacation and/or getaway. Time with family is always precious but in the military it is somehow even more sacred and cherished. If there was ever a group in our society that deserved, warranted and needed a vacation more than most, it’s the US Military and their families! 



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Thank you for thinking of GuidetoMilitaryTravel.com to promote your destination or place of business. We feature (quite proudly) the largest selection of military travel discounts on the Web! We have multiple ways to promote your destination.


First of all, our military discount travel listing. This listing is currently free. All you have to do is submit the information to us.


This is a perfect sample of what your listing will look like:


Dinosaur World, an outdoor dinosaur museum with over 150 life size dinosaurs, offers free active military discount with ID. We also offer $1 off dependants with ID. In addition to the Dinosaur Walk, visitors can search thru sand in search of authentic fossils to take home at the Fossil Dig, unearth a life size dinosaur skeleton in the Boneyard, learn in the Prehistoric Museum, walk thru the Skeleton Garden, enter Carnivore Boardwalk, cross into Deinoynchus Island, enjoy picnic areas, playgrounds, giftshop and more. Dinosaur World is located outside Orlando in Plant City on I-4, exit 17. For more information visit www.dinoworld.net or call 813-717-9865. 


Secondly, we write featured articles about different travel destinations throughout the United States. If you would like your destination to be visited by one of our professional travel writers, please contact us at erica@guidetomilitarytravel.com. We handle all visits as a typical familiarization tour; however, 99% of the time, we will ask you to host us along with our family. We write about family travel and we can give a much more accurate and detailed account if we experience your destination with our family as well.  


If you have any questions, to submit a free listing or to discuss a possible feature story, contact us at erica@guidetomilitarytravel.com.


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