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Travel Tips - with Pets

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

Here's some important stats for those traveling with pets.

53.8% of all households in the United States own at least one pet

46.9% of all pet-owning households consider pets to be family members

U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics, American Veterinary Medical Association

“Fluffy and Fido are popular travel companions, with 14 percent of all U.S. adults (29.1

million) saying they have traveled with a pet on a trip of 50 miles or more, one-way,

away from home in the past three years. Dogs are the most common type of pet to take

along (78%). Cats came in a distant second with 15 percent of travelers taking their

feline friend along. A few report traveling with birds (2%) and either a ferret, rabbit, or

fish (3%). The percentage of households traveling with their pets most likely increases

during the summer when more families travel on vacation. Auto or truck is the primary

mode of transportation (76%), followed by RV (10%) and airline (6%). While travelers

with pets most often stay with friends/relatives (32%), an almost equal number stay in a

hotel or motel (29%).” Travel Industry Association of America

“A growing proportion of pets are now required to be impeccably groomed, and like

children, well behaved. These expectations tie into a number of related trends, including

the ‘at-home’ trend in pet ownership, whereby Americans have become even more

family focused post 9-11; the smaller animal trend, especially among urban dwellers,

singles, and seniors; and the pet travel trend, whereby more people are opting to take

their pets with them, in which case the critters need to know how to behave in public

places like office buildings, hotels, and off-lead parks. In other words, families and

singles want their pets fully socialized—quickly.”, Inc’s May 2004

report, The U.S. Market for Pet Care Services

“Dogs and Travel,” conducted by Lieberman Research Worldwide for Starwood Hotels

& Resorts found in a telephone survey of 400 dog owners that:

43% say their dog definitely seems sad when they travel

43% feel guilty about leaving their dog behind

23% said their pooch gets mad at them when they leave

78% of dog owners consider their dog an “equal member” of the family and that dogs

enjoy their holidays as much as their people do.

37% would definitely take their dogs on more trips if they knew more hotels accepted


75% said they would more loyal to a hotel chain that accepted dogs, even when they

weren’t traveling wit their pet.

94% of dog owners said they ask how their dog is doing when they phone home

65% have brought a gift home for their dog

49% think about their dog “very often” when they’re away

26% of owners who call home actually talk to their dogs on the phone.

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