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Travel Tips - with Kids

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

Traveling with kids comes with its share of challenges, but with a little organization things can go much smoother. Here's a few tips of what not to forget while packing for your next family vacation.

If you are traveling with children, the following are easy to forget but important not to forget:

Suntan lotion

Bug repellant

Antibacterial wipes/spray

Extra clothes

Dishwashing liquid to wash bottles

Diaper changing pads (I would recommend the disposable kind sold at any supermarket or Target/Wal-Mart)

Things it’s better to buy at destination than to travel with:

Formula (except for enough to last you through your trip and the first day at destination)

Diapers (except for enough to last for the first two days)

Snacks (except for enough for the plane/car ride)

Best inventions for traveling with children:

Diaper disposable sacks (most airlines won’t allow you to discard a diaper without one)

Pacifier Disinfecting Wipes (I discovered this recently and now would never travel without them)

Umbrella Strollers (unless you have more than one child. Although, pushing two is easier than lugging around a double stroller)

Plastic bags (sandwich and freezer bags). If you put all your liquids and/or gels in bags in your diaper bag, it will save a lot of time at the security check point. Airport security/TSA make allowances for families with children, but you can guarantee that if you don’t get all your liquids out where they can be x-rayed, you will be searched thoroughly. It’s easier to just have all your liquids ready in plastic bags, place them on the conveyor belt and let them get x-rayed and then quickly collect your things and catch your plane. Believe me this extra step saves a lot of time. By the way, the x-raying process does not affect your child’s liquids.

If you are traveling during the summer, don’t forget swimming supplies:

Swim suit

Life jacket and/or wings

Suntan lotion

Bug repellant

Swimming diapers

The one thing you should never forget when traveling with children: A CAMERA

Battery charger/batteries

Extra film/HD card

Camera bag/holder


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