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Ryan and Erica Vest - Founders & Editors


As a public relations professional in the travel industry for many years, Erica offers an insiders look at travel and tourism. Knowing the ins and outs of the industry, she shares with you her expertise in finding travel discounts and deals. She is also avid traveler and a Navy wife. 


As a naval aviator, Ryan has had the opportunity to see the world, literally. Having visited 25 countries and 45 of the 50 United States, Ryan has a unique perspective and expertise on world travel. With a wife in the travel industry, travel has been an integral part of our family life. As an experienced and published military writer, Ryan enjoys the more light-hearted joys of travel writing.


They have had a regular column called "Sweet Land of Liberty" in various military newspapers throughout the country for over four years. Their readership is currently estimated at over a million and growing daily. They are self proclaimed Disney experts (having visited Walt Disney World more than 50 times in the last five years and season pass holders of Disneyland Resort). They focus on family travel, day trips, road trips, luxury travel with kids, product reviews and discovering those great places you wouldn't know about otherwise. They review restaurants and hotels as part of our fun!


Questions? Write them at erica@guidetomilitarytravel.com.


Kent and Katie Jensen


Katie and I are a young military family with two kids, a three year old girl and a nine month old boy. I am an Air Force pilot currently stationed overseas. Katie grew up a military brat, moving all over the world, so jumping right into being a military wife was second nature, like finding your childhood blanky, familiar and comfy (though stinky and ratty in places). God has blessed us with two children and Uncle Sam has taken us through Europe for nearly three years – so we’re anticipating a return to the states soon. We’ve had a wonderful time when I’ve been around, trying to go and see some great spots. We have visited Germany, France, Spain, Morocco, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria….and many more in just the last year!  


The more cities we see, the more we realize that the mountains and the outdoors are what truly call to us and our family. We love to hike, camp, rivers, mountains…pretty much anything that involves the majesty of nature. We will be your outdoor adventure writers so send us all your recommendations and questions. 


Stephanie Olsen & Family 


I am proud to be the mother of three amazing sweethearts and wife to a fun-loving husband in uniform. I am a freelance writer, editor, and photographer and I LOVE to explore new places and cultures. Though I adore traveling the world, my travel at this stage of life is most often closer to home in the western US. My favorites are nature destinations with unique landscapes and accompanying adventures. Whenever I go somewhere new, I gain fresh perspective on my life and this world we share. Add to this a scenic hike, a pair of skis and a snowy mountain, or just the joy of experiencing new places with my children and I am one happy lady. My family has visited over 20 national parks and outdoor fun destinations in the past year! We will be your family fun and national park advisors, so send us your questions. stephanie@guidetomilitarytravel.com 


Jodi Lewis & Family


Jodi is a freelance writer based in the Southeastern US. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English, with an emphasis in writing, from Brigham Young University and a Masters Degree from Creighton University. She, her husband Matt, and daughter Bea enjoy outdoor adventures, historic locations and romantic getaways. Jodi has traveled throughout the United States and in Mexico, with some of her favorite places being Los Cabos, Mexico; Washington, DC; Chicago; and Moab, Utah. Although a native westerner, Jodi enjoys living in the South and learning about the culture and good food (grits – yummy!!).


She is proud to be part of a Navy family and is grateful for the sacrifices made by all military servicemen and women and their families. Jodi is excited for the opportunity to give back to our military by providing the best travel information and discounts available. She and Matt are your romantic getaway advisors so send us your questions. 


Michael and Camellia Jackson


Camellia is a social worker by trade and an adventurer by nature. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from Prairie View A&M University and her Master’s of Social Work from Florida State University. Camellia is familiar with the many facets of the military lifestyle being former Active Duty Navy and, up until recently, a Navy Wife. Seeing both sides of the spectrum gives her the unique ability to recognize the importance of spending quality time with family when time allows.


Her husband Mike is a retired Naval Aviator who shares Camellia’s spirit of adventure and appreciates the sacrifices that military families have to endure as a result a strong commitment to serve our great nation. 


Camellia and Mike have been together for 18 years and are the proud parents of two boys ages 21 and 18. They both enjoy traveling, experiencing different cultures, and partaking of fine cuisine. Mike’s career has allowed their family to live in different areas of our beautiful country and to meet a host of fascinating people. They look forward to sharing their family friendly travel experiences with you! 

Snowbird, Utah / Austen Diamond Photography