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Travel Tips for Finding the Best Discount
Remember that some restaurants allow kids to eat free. Research prior to taking a trip.

Try upgrading to the Concierge floor of your hotel. With free breakfast in the morning and appetizers at night, it will save you a good amount of money.

If you are visiting an amusement park, try to plan your meals outside the park if possible. Theme parks are known for being expensive for families, even fast food. If you do have to eat at the Park, try having a light lunch and then eating elsewhere for dinner.  

AAA, Entertainment Books, Credit Unions and the Internet sometimes offer discounts or coupons at certain hotels or restaurant. Research these options prior to taking a trip. 

Contact the area Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB). Many of them offer Visitors Guides that are filled with coupons, specials or deals you wouldn't know about otherwise. This is a HIGHLY untapped resource for travelers. Just remember, when a hotel or an attraction want to announce a special discount or deal, the notify the CVB FIRST!

Before booking your hotel online, check for special rates at other travel sites. Most hotels will honor the lowest rate you find on the Internet. Book through the hotel (not the travel site) whenever possible. Make them honor the lowest price by calling the hotel directly. Also, if the military/government/AAA is not available online, call the hotel directly. Tell them you REALLY wanted to stay at their hotel but they do not have your special rate available. Ask them if they would consider honoring it. Make sure (nicely) they understand that if they don't honor your special rate, you will have to find a hotel that does. In my over 30 years of traveling, I've never had a hotel turn me down when I've called the hotel directly. Remember, the hotel's 800# is not going to help you any more than the Internet. You have to call the hotel directly and ask for the first desk or a manager. 

If you have any questions about how to find deals at a particular destination, email us and we'll give you some personal advice.  

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