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TrendyKid's Travel Buddies Luggage Sets
The 2012 "Official' Children's Luggage of
TrendyKid’s Travel Buddies luggage sets are helping kids get road-ready for all their travels. Designed by children for children, the brightly colored animal, alien and robot silhouettes are bringing functional sophistication and affordability to children’s luggage.

 Sold separately or part of an affordable two-piece set, Travel Buddies feature a lightweight ABS hard shell design and organizational amenities for compact packing. The 17” wheelie has a polyester lining with dividing pocket and zip compartment, internal garment straps and easy-roll wheels that are color coordinated with the case exterior. The 13” backpack has a carry handle, adjustable back straps and an internal pocket to hold snacks, small toys, electronic games, books and more. 

 Designs available include Lola Ladybug, Pom the Panda, Archie Alien and – in eye-popping 3-D, new Rusty Robot. TrendyKid luggage conforms to the standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 with regard to child product safety so parents can feel good about their children carrying the backpack and case.

 Travel Buddies help kids P.A.C.K. That’s the acronym coined by TrendyKid co-founder Rachel Stephens, a children’s packing and travel expert who believes that having fun and functional luggage encourages kids to be responsible for their own packing.

 “It’s important for kids to be responsible for packing their essentials; it makes the prep for the trip fun,” she said. “I get my kids to write their own list of things we need to buy or pack for our trips.”

 Stephens and her husband Mark travel frequently, both in the United States and internationally, with their two young children. The P.A.C.K. strategy keeps her brood organized, self-sufficient and happy on the road.

P – Plan your games and activities for the journey.
A – Anything you won’t miss you don’t need. 
C – Can fit in your own bag.
K – Keep your must-haves in your backpack!  

 “Our family packing rule is very simple,” said Stephens, “but also very effective.” 

The Travel Buddies nesting luggage duo is not the only child-friendly luggage available from this children’s travel accessory and apparel company. Stephens’ packing and travel philosophy helped lead to the development of TravelKool ($69.99), a travel gear collection that includes polycarbonate wheelie cases in designs Chat and Danger Zone, featuring all the icons that this social media-savvy set is so familiar with.

My sons can be seen traveling all over the US with their TrendyKid luggage. We get compliments whereever we go.  They are light weight and easy for my boys to carry on their own.  As my son Sam says "There is room for my clothes AND my toys!". We get to see hundreds of luggage here at and I can honestly say these are some of the best I've ever come across for children.  

 Visit TrendyKid to see the Travel Buddies and TravelKool collections. To learn about upcoming contests, like TrendyKid at

Great Finds for the Traveling/Military Man
By Erica I. Pena-Vest and Ryan Vest

With Father’s Day around the corner, this is the time to spoil the man in our life. However, in military families there are always occasions to celebrate our loved one. Leaving or returning from deployment, promotions, birthdays, holidays…we are constantly looking for that out of the ordinary, special gift to show the man in our life how much we appreciate him. I have discovered some great finds I want to share with you. I don’t work for any of these companies nor have I been paid to represent them. I just love discovering the perfect gift and wanted to share some of my finds with you.


One of the cooler tech gadgets we've seen lately, especially for those in the military that travel a lot, the Slingbox allows you to take your TV on the road with you. By connecting Slingbox to your DVR, satellite reciever or cable box, you can instantly access any program you can play on your TV from anywhere in the world with high speed internet access. Worried you might miss the upcoming NBA finals because you're TAD/TDY? Maybe you just like the comfort of watching your local news while you're away. Slingbox will stream whatever is on your TV at home to your laptop, smart phone or tablet computer so that you won't have to miss a thing.

Vox Mini3

Vox is one of the oldest names in the guitar amplifier business, supplying amps to The Beatles, Queen, U2, Tom Petty and scores of other artists over the last 70 years. For those of us that travel regularly, lugging around a 75 lb vintage AC-30 tube amp is not very practical. To that end, Vox has recently released the Mini3, a 3 watt practice amplifier that is perfect for picnics, hotel rooms and quiet practice after the kids have gone to bed. With 11 models of classic amplifiers based on Vox's popular Valvetronix technology, and 8 effects, it has everything you need while you're away from home. This is the perfect gift to help bring out Dad's inner rock star, and with a street price under $100, you can't go wrong!

Mandala Drum

So say Dad doesn't play guitar, but still loves music. The Mandala drum might be just the thing he needs to tap his musical creativity. Mandala is an HD position sensitive MIDI drum, which in layman's terms, means you plug it in to your computer via USB and can assign any of 600 preloaded instrument and drum sounds to any of the 128 control zones on the surface. Assign it up to six zones, and you can have an entire drum kit or an entire band on one drum! Simple, easy to use drop down menus make it easy to set up using any computer, making this one of the best travel instruments ever invented!

Terminix All Clear Mister

Dad's love to barbeque, and Fathers Day is the perfect time to give dad a gift to make summer grilling season a little bit better. Sure, you could go with a new spatula or a kitschy apron with a clever saying, but this year, why not get a bit off the beaten path and give him something that will make grilling more enjoyable for him and the whole family. For my money, the biggest drawback to cooking and eating outside is insects. They annoy, they bite and make us itch, flies land on the food and give grandma fits about cleanliness (that might only be my grandma) and detract from the joy of outdoor living. Terminix has recently released a new misting lantern that will keep biting insects away from your barbeque, picnic or camp site using a natural insect repellent. It works to keep insects away, and the best part is it doesn't emit a noxious odor.

Sansa Clip Zip MP3 Player

Everybody likes to take their music with them, but this is the first MP3 player we have seen that is truly built from the ground up for people on the go. Rather than try to find an acceptable carrying accessory, the Clip Zip has a built in clip, making it easy to clip it on to your waistband, shirt front or sleeve so that it is ready to go jogging right out of the box. It has a small, color screen and a user friendly interface that make finding your favorite songs simple and easy. One of the best features is that it supports a number of formats, from MP3 to WMA and AAC (DRM free iTunes). Players come with either 4 or 8 GB of internal memory, and have a memory slot so that it can expand with you as your music collection grows. Also includes a stopwatch feature, and FM radio receiver, making it perfect for runners, or those dads looking to up their score on the next PFA/PFT!

ScanDisk Memory Vault

Although troop deployments are drawing down somewhat this year, a great number of dads are either currently deployed or getting ready to deploy. For the deploying father, give him the gift of memories with the ScanDisk Memory Vault. Originally designed as a safe place to store digital photographs, this deck of cards sized device can hold up to 16 GB worth of photos and videos, making it perfect to load with pictures and video of those he is leaving behind so that he can take those memories with him. Designed to support data retention for up to 100 years, this device should be able to weather the harshest conditions and keep your memories safe.

NextBook Premium 8SE Tablet

If you're anything like the rest of America, you've probably been eyeing the Tablet computer market recently, if you haven't already jumped on board one of the major camps. This year has seen the release of the Premium 8SE tablet by NextBook. This tablet is unique in the market, because it splits the difference between the large and expensive iPad style tablets and the small and cheap Kindle Fire style tablets. With an 8 inch HD touch screen, it is halfway between the iPad and Fire in size, giving users a screen that is large and easy to read but still small enough to hold in one hand. This tablet adds features normally seen on higher end tablets, like a built in camera and HD TFT display at an entry level price. The tablet also features Barnes & Noble's Nook bookstore software, 25 free books, and the Android Ice Cream 4.0 Operating System, meaning you can access the entire pantheon of Android apps.

Edible Arrangements 

For those of you looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift, Edible Arrangements delivers nationally and have the perfect (and manly) arrangement that Dad will love. They have a great variety to choose from. If the man in your life is health conscious, you will be happy to know that they have some very healthy (and tasty) fruit arrangements your man will love. Visit You can shop by occasion from their home page. Just click “Father’s Day” for a complete list of their more manly selections.  

(Disclaimer: I have not been paid by any company or product represented in this article. In some cases, the product was sent to me for free or at a discount to review, but my opinions are honest and my own.)

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