The Largest Collection of Military Travel Discounts Found ANYWHERE!
Finding rental car discounts is somewhat of an art form. You have to be patient, look often, be prepared to make changes at the last minute and be organized enough to find the best deal.  Rental car companies all do "Last Minute Specials" that are USUALLY the best deal, but from time to time you can find better deals through military discounts or through your bank.  Some of the best discounts available for rental cars are available through USAA

Once again, this is going to take research and patience on your part but will save you hundreds of dollars in the end.

Here are direct links to the military discounts of each of the major companies:








​Enterprise and Budget use a third party to administer their military discounts and that company requires an annual membership fee to use their services.  I NEVER recommend using anyone that charges you for access to your discounts.  These discounts are rightfully yours and you shouldn't have to pay someone to tell you about them.  

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